Coaching Overview

Whether you're considering a change or in the midst of one, I'm here to help you transform –  to navigate change with more clarity, joy, and humanity.

Change is inevitable, but yet still somehow unpredictable. How we navigate that change is critical to our health and the health of our businesses - it's what separates "change" from "transformation." That's why (Disappointingly) undergoing more change doesn't necessarily make us good at it. We need more than experience; we need tools, and we need partners.

Focus & Fit

Entrepreneurs & Creative Executives

  • I started my own thing, now what? 
  • Where do I spend my energy when there is so much to do? 
  • I feel like I'm on an island.
  • How do I make wise decisions, knowing each has significant opportunity costs?
  • How do I achieve that goal I’ve been thinking about?
  • How do I get unstuck? 
  • How can I improve our company culture?
  • How can I increase team unity?
  • What leadership styles will work best for my team?

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The Coaching Process

We'll start with a 15 minute call to see if we're a mutual fit. Then, we begin with four sessions – enough to make great progress, and few enough to keep it simple.

  • Review and sign coaching agreement. 
Session 1
  • Discover goals and areas of exploration. 
  • Create a plan.
Session 2
  • Explore influences, roadblocks, and environmental context.
  • Revisit the plan and adjust if needed.  
  • Create an achievable strategy.
Sessions 3 - 4
  • Implement strategies between sessions. 
  • Review and assess progress. 
  • Adjust, or continue, with strategy.


Let's schedule a 15 minute conversation to see if we'd be a good fit for each other.